Friday, September 11, 2009

Secluded Isolation Opening, September 4th

The Cultural Centre has re-opened after a winter recess with a fabulous exhibition called Secluded Isolation. Seventy people attended the Launch on Friday, 4th September, with Alison Milsom giving an inspiring opening speech about not only the photographs but how talented the photographers and sound artist are and most importantly how refreshing it is not to have a bunch of old grey haired ladies, but a group of young leaders showing their work. Rohanna Goldsmith, Freja Petersen, Tim Petrovic, Nick Johannsohn, Tim Bale, Tim Bennett, Daniel Hendriks and James Dacosta (James is on his way to Portugal, lucky man!) all worked on all aspects of the exhibition over the past 3 months, and the standard of the exhibition really shows their commitment to their arts practice and their love for the Island. Freja and Rohanna did a magnificent job of catering that I think all who attended would attest to. Exhibition continues until October 9th.

Sally Marsden, Cultural Centre Coordinator

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