Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Artist in Residence - Victoria Dunn
Works in Progress Exhibition
26th October to 31st October 

Victoria Dunn (2012), Sound, acrylic on canvas.
Image courtesy of the artist

Creative practice for me involves my experiences of the place where I live.  To be among the people and objects and natural forces that make a place is paramount to the pleasure of living and to my way of working.

When living in a new place the expectation is that there will be a phase of strangeness due to new perspectives on otherwise familiar aspects of living.   Everything is different yet familiar: interactions with people, housing, cooking, moving among objects that make up the landscapes and towns, and of course, the weather. 

Everyday life involves the constant crossing of boundaries or thresholds of experience.  The focus of my work on King Island will be the exploration through drawing/painting of what I perceive as the crossing of boundaries that traditionally delineate built and natural environments. 

The intention is, through my experiences of Southwest Victoria (where I live) and King Island, to make drawings in various environments including that of the studio.  From these works I'll create further work in my studio in Warrnambool.  An exhibition of these subsequent works is planned for 2013 at Scope Galleries (Warrnambool) and in the Cultural Centre, King Island.  
Victoria Dunn

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